Wayfinding App Coming in 2019 for UNC Medical Center, UNC REX; Robot Mapping to Begin March 11

Later this year, a customized, mobile wayfinding app will be available to help patients, visitors and staff find their way from one end of the hospital to the other at UNC Medical Center and UNC REX Healthcare. We are partnering with a company named Gozio Health to launch this app. To have the most accurate information possible, starting March 11, Gozio Health’s staff will do a walkthrough of the hospitals.

The Gozio Health team may pause to chat briefly (2 minutes) with unit managers and other staff members to understand pain points in wayfinding and identify any notable points of interest. The Gozio Health team will NOT map patient rooms, the NICU, nor any psychiatric areas.

This is the first of four planned visits by the Gozio Health team. We’ll continue to share updates as the project progresses. Please keep an eye out for more information about the launch of the new wayfinding app later this year