InforXM Travel and Business Reimbursement Reminders

An internal audit of travel and business expense reports revealed opportunities to improve adherence with the Employee Travel and Business Expense Reimbursement Policy. More information at the link in the headline.

Pay special attention to these areas when filing your next expense report:

  • Code conference registrations under Travel.
  • Code dues and membership fees under Non-Travel. 
  • Attach additional management approvals for lost receipts or non-itemized receipts. 
  • Document the parking or mileage purpose in the free-text field. Do not input “parking” or “conference” in the free text; instead, input the name of the meeting, conference or event. 
  • Alcohol consumption with travel meals must be excluded from the meal total. 
  • Alcohol consumption with business meals must be reported separately on the expense report. 
  • Verify receipts are attached to the expense report before submission; this will prevent your report from being rejected by your supervisor.

Great work to everyone who submitted accurate and timely expense reports!

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