BBSP Welcomes new PhD students

New PhD students interested in the medical and biological sciences at Carolina enroll in the Biomedical and Biological Sciences Program (BBSP) for their first year of sciences training.

BBSP had 1206 applications and brought in the top 293 applicants for on-campus interviews. The incoming class of 65 students arrived Monday, Aug. 11 for a week-long orientation featuring sessions on effective habits of graduate students, time management, lab math refresher courses, and informational sessions about the 15 BBSP member PhD programs available to them at the end of their first year of training.

The BBSP class of 2014-15 is 50% female, 50% male and about 14% of the class are students from groups traditionally underrepresented in the sciences. The incoming students have a wide variety of research interests including biophysics, epigenetics, drug delivery and virology.  During their first year at UNC they will do research rotations in BBSP faculty member labs while taking courses offered through the BBSP member programs.  In April, BBSP students join one of the BBSP member PhD programs and select a thesis advisor and lab in which to do their thesis research.

 We asked a few of these incoming students, "Why did you choose Carolina?"