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Our Carolina Care Highlight this week recognizes Dr. Donna Culton from the Department of Dermatology. Here’s what one of Dr. Culton’s patients had to say.

“EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE!!! I have never had such an impressionable physician–as a patient or in working conditions!!! Dr. Donna Culton is definitely the exemplary idea of a physician…she treats the person as well as the patient. I felt at ease talking with her; she looked AT me with our conversations, took notes and reviewed her understandings with me. She was very empathetic and caring as well as being professional. She also assured me that she would correspond with my current local physicians to be a “team” for me. She determined I needed a biopsy at this appointment and proceeded with encouragement and supporting me through the procedure. She discussed with me the way she would present this tissue to the pathologist (remember, I am a nurse/patient), about when to expect a report from her. I received my report timely with good information regarding the diagnosis and treatment possibilities. She has checked in on me and promptly responds to “My Chart” inquiries. I cannot say enough about her…she is incredible, wonderful and a credit to your facility!!!”