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The below clickable headlines link directly to outside media outlets, which featured UNC School of Medicine faculty starting Friday July 14, 2023.

Risks of Ozempic, Wegovy and Other Weight Loss Drugs for People Over 65 – Dr. Janice Hwang (New York Times)

Wilmington neurologist uses her past to help patients have positive future – Dr. Christine Tangredi (WWAY3 TV)

Charlotte women strive for better outcomes amid NC’s high Black maternal death rate – Venus Standard (News & Observer, Charlotte Observer)

Maternal deaths just ‘one part of the story’ in NC. Pregnancy complications are rising – Dr. Alan Rosenbaum (News & Observer, Charlotte Observer)

Pregnancy can be risky in the US. In North Carolina, the threat of death is even higher – Venus Standard (News & Observer, Charlotte Observer)

Five takeaways from investigating pregnancy-related deaths in NC – Dr. Alan Rosenbaum (News & Observer, Charlotte Observer)

12 Surprising Causes of Memory Loss: Beyond Dementia and Alzheimer’s – Dr. Joshua Niznik (News Directory 3)

Long COVID still lingers in NC. Here are the symptoms and resources you need to know. – Dr. Louise King (News & Observer)

So THAT’S Why Your Mouth Opens When You Fall Asleep – Drs. Charles Ebert & Christine DeMason (Huff Post UK)

Some Extra Weight On Older Adults Isn’t Such A Bad Thing – Dr. John Batsis (KFF Health News, Scientific American, MSN)

Labor costs are crippling hospitals. Here’s how 47 executives are tackling them. – Dr. Lynn Fiscus (Becker’s Hospital Review)

‘Dopesick’ author kicks off opioid forum – Dr. Anthony Frank (Morganton News Herald)

How does family affect our relationship with food? – Dr. Christine Peat (CDN News)

Dermatologist’s tips to safeguard your skin and have a sun-kissed summer – Dr. Shweta Shukla (Spectrum News)

EMERGENCY MEASURES: The effects of the pandemic are stirring up a potential fiscal catastrophe for hospitals – William Bryant (Triangle Business Journal)