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The below clickable headlines link directly to outside media outlets, which featured UNC School of Medicine faculty starting Friday June 30, 2023.

Dangerous heat: Doctors warn to stay safe during outdoor July 4th celebrations – Dr. Daniel Park (WRAL)

Doctors say telehealth services are still booming in N.C. – Dr. Nate Sowa (Spectrum News)

A Rare Domestic Resurgence of Malaria Is Circulating in the US – Dr. Ross Boyce (WIRED)

Meet the company trying to make at-home HIV prevention easy – Dr. David Wohl (Fast Company)

Advancing Access and Treatment for Obesity, Diabetes, and More – Dr. John Buse (DiaTribe Learn)

Tranq increasingly found in opioid overdose deaths, two CDC reports show – Dr. Michael Baca-Atlas (NBC National News)

72 CFO moves this year, sorted by state – William Bryant (Becker’s Hospital Review)

‘Let providers be providers’: Health IT execs on what they want from their EHR – Brent Lamm (Becker’s)

Long COVID Tamed by Popular Diabetes Drug – Dr. John Buse (The Jewish Voice)

UNC Health Pilots In-House Generative AI App to Alleviate Burnout – Dr. David McSwain (MedCityNews)

How can you tell if you’re having heat stroke? A UNC emergency doctor explains – Dr. Ryan Lamb (News & Observer)

COVID-19 Vaccines Induce Immune Response in Nasal Cavity – Dr. Meghan Rebuli (RT Magazine)

Researchers discover new mechanism to understand role of mutations on enzyme substrates – Drs. Jianfeng Chen and Pengda Liu (

Staying safe in soaring summer temperatures: Local experts share tips to avoid heat exhaustion – Allison Riggs (ABC-Lynchburg)

Long COVID ‘Brain Fog’ Confounds Doctors, but New Research Offers Hope – Dr. Karla Thompson (Europe News/MedScape)

‘An essential step’: How IT leaders from Intermountain Health, Memorial Hermann say the government can prevent cyberattacks – Dee Young (Becker’s)

Responsible AI governance is needed now, says UNC Health chief analytics officer – Rachini Ahmadi-Moosavi (HealthcareIT News)

Cancer Hijacks Enzyme Mutations To Drive Cancer Growth – Drs. Jianfeng Chen and Pengda Liu (Technology Networks)

Researchers Target Proteins, Pathways Behind Congenital Heart Disease – Drs. Whitney Edwards and Frank Conlon (Diagnostic & Interventional Cardiology)