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The below clickable headlines link directly to outside media outlets, which featured UNC School of Medicine faculty starting Friday August 11, 2023.

New COVID-19 variant EG.5 emerges as cases of the virus increase in North Carolina – Dr. David Wohl (WTVD)

Common virus linked to severe blood clotting disorder – Dr. Stephan Moll (Becker’s Hospital Review)

Sweetened beverages may increase liver cancer and fatal liver disease risk – Dr. David A Gerber (Medical News Today)

Alicia Acuna: Frontline workers engaged in cross-training programs to treat older adults – Caroline Buse (Fox News)

Could an antiviral pill treat long COVID? UNC wants your help with a clinical trial – Dr. John Baratta (News Observer)

Popular weight-loss drugs like Wegovy may increase risk of complications under anesthesia: experts – Dr. Elisa Lund (PressNewsAgency)

Crohn’s Disease in Children: Signs and Treatment Options – Dr. Erica J. Brenner (Health Central)

I Was Always Physically Sick From Anxiety – My Family History Might Explain Why – Dr. Anna Bauer (Huff Post)

UNC researchers link common cold virus to potentially fatal blood clotting disorder – Dr. Stephan Moll and Dr. Jacquelyn Baskin-Miller (WRAL Tech Wire)

Virtual clinics embrace allergy drops as an alternative to shots – Dr. Edwin Kim (

Common Cold Linked to Fatal Blood Clotting Disorder – Dr. Stephan Moll and Dr. Jacquelyn Baskin-Miller (Laboratory Equipment)

Study Links Common Respiratory Virus to Blood Clots and Thrombocytopenia – Dr. Stephan Moll and Dr. Jacquelyn Baskin-Miller (Express Healthcare Management)

Navigating Postpartum Depression: From triggers to healing with Zuranolone – Dr. Samantha Meltzer-Brody (Nordot)

Can Bathing in Borax Really Cure Inflammation, Pain, and Toxins — and Is It Safe? – Dr. Dan Park (Everyday Health)