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The below clickable headlines link directly to outside media outlets, which featured UNC School of Medicine faculty starting Friday January 5, 2023.

The building blocks of dry eye disease – Dr. Karl G. Stonecipher (Optometry Times)

These enlarged spaces in babies’ brains are linked to higher risk – Dr. Dea Garic (News Day FR)

Removing the Penicillin Allergic Label: Researchers Introduce PADME – Dr. Mildred Kwan (Newswise)

Remembering Dr. Ada Adimora, Distinguished HIV Researcher and Former Member of PACHA – Dr. Ada Adimora (

Are Pediatricians Hesitant About IUDs for Adolescents? – Dr. Bianca Allison (MedPage Today)

A new COVID-19 variant is spreading in North Carolina. Here’s what you need to know. – Dr. David Weber (The News & Observer)

Vosshall Named 22nd Perl-UNC Neuroscience Prize Recipient – Dr. Leslie B. Vosshall (Newswise)

UNC Researchers Tie Enlarged Spaces in Infant Brains to Higher Autism Risk – Dr. Dea Garic (

Cary woman adapts to new life during years-long fight with long COVID – Dr. David Wohl (WRAL-TV)

Removing the Penicillin Allergic Label: Introducing PADME – Dr. Mildred Kwan (Infectious Disease Special Edition)