ICD-10 July 2013 program update

UNC Health Care’s ICD-10 program is up and running – there is still plenty of work to be completed but the effort and enthusiasm is strong. We are coordinating ICD-10 milestones with the Epic@UNC implementation to avoid any gaps or overlaps in work effort and resource consumption.

Status of in-flight activities as of July 2013:

Communication and Training

  • Complex training for coders and CDI staff in progress at UNC Hospitals, UNC Faculty Physicians, High Point Regional, and Rex Healthcare
  • Finalized training leads.
  • Conducted meeting with communication subgroup
  • Dr. Venkat Prasad has taken on the role of Co-Chair for UNC. Theresa Brett is the Co-chair for Rex and Jenni Marsh is the Co-Chair for High Point.
  • Physician Training / timelines established for UNC Hospitals

Computer Assisted Coding

  • Developed coding and billing technology flow, eliminating redundant systems where possible
  • Optum contract has been signed
  • Optum will continue to determine how much work done in 2012 can be leveraged for early go-lives for Rex and UNC Hospitals

Documentation and Coding

  • Conducted kickoff meeting for taskforce
  • Tracking to Coding work plans for UNC Hospitals, UNC Physicians Network, High Point Regional and Rex
  • Rex is conducting the post-physician training chart reviews in preparation for onsite physician peer to peer training.
  • Peer to Peer Training (Dr. Scott) is scheduled for the week of July 15.
  • Rex Queries have been modified for ICD-10 compliance.

Finance and Revenue Cycle

  • Met with all client leads for each of the top 15 payers to discuss their role and expectations
  • All client leads contacted their payer ICD-10 coordinator to follow-up on the letter/surveys
  • Met with Multiplan to discuss testing participation for UNC Health Care
  • Met assigned client leads to review all contracts that will be affected by ICD-10


  • Compiled a list of reports that include ICD-10 data elements for both Rex and UNC Hospitals and UNC Physicians Network
  • Identified need to analyze Epic@UNC reporting for ICD-10 impacts then compare against existing reports identified for ICD-10 remediation
  • Met to review Epic@UNC report strategy against ICD-10 remediation strategy
  • Conducted combined UNC Health Care taskforce kickoff

IT Applications Compliance

  • Finalized in scope application portfolio for applications that will be kept or consolidated and ICD-10 impacted (3% still to resolve)
  • Contacting vendors for upgrade and testing schedules for ICD-10 impacted applications.


  • Began documenting end-to-end testing strategy
  • Presented the ICD-10 Testing Office model with ICD-10 program management
  • Assigned ICD-10 Testing Office leadership
  • Working on additional resources to assist in Testing Office milestones

Program Management

  • Expanded the ICD-10 program team to include High Point Regional and Pardee Hospital. In the process of incorporating Caldwell.
  • Monitoring the e4caster dates/resources
  • Updating SharePoint site for ease of use
  • Developing a resource management plan to support the current and future ICD-10 project(s)
  • Project Change Control Process – e4caster
  • Conducted Highpoint Regional high level ICD-10 assessment


  • Approved ICD-10 Physician training recommendation for UNCMC and UNCPN.

What’s Next?

Some of the immediate tasks (not including those above) include:

  • Conduct Caldwell high level ICD-10 assessment.
  • Working to align Epic@UNC and ICD-10 testing.
  • Process Redesign / Testing Workstream Kicked Off

What can I do?

  • Visit the http://news.unchealthcare.org/icd10 for breaking news and industry updates
  • Participate in task forces as assigned.
  • Participate in Training as assigned.
  • Clinicians: Start thinking about how you use ICD-9 diagnosis and procedure codes in your job; start using greater anatomical and physiological specificity in your notes, and encourage your peers to do the same.
  • Coders: complete your ICD-10 training as defined in the schedule