Epic@UNC Core Team, some ISD staff move to Eastowne May 31

On Friday, May 31, the Epic@UNC Core Team and some ISD coworkers will move into Building 600 at Eastowne. ISD’s Information Security Team is also moving into the 2nd floor of Building 500.

Once these moves are complete, more than 600 UNC Health Care colleagues will be working from Eastowne. UNC Faculty Physicians moved into Buildings 300 and 400 in mid-May from University Square and Timberlyne. Patient Accounts moved into Building 200 in early May from Hedrick and Timberlyne.

Upcoming moves to Eastowne

  • The remaining staff and leadership of ISD, who currently work at Meadowmont and at Rex, will move into Building 700 at Eastowne in late June 2013.
  • We await building permits for the remainder of Building 500 and all of Building 100 from the town of Chapel Hill in order to complete all construction and occupancy for Medical Information Management, Operational Efficiency and Practice, Quality and Innovation.
  • Kara Lingley-Brown, the Eastowne Campus Coordiator, and Anna Story, the Eastowne Project Manager, are coordinating the moves and managing the various needs of the newly located staff.
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