Core Team now building Epic@UNC system

Based on feedback received in each of our Validation Sessions, the Epic@UNC Core Team is now actively building our Epic@UNC system. As build progresses, the Core Team will reach out to many colleagues for additional feedback - we need your help to make sure Epic@UNC works best for all users.

The build is broken into two stages:

  • 17 weeks of workflow design (menus, dropdowns, fields, etc.) through the summer of 2013
  • 40 weeks of content design (the words in each of the menus, dropdowns, fields, etc.) into early 2014

During the build of Epic@UNC, the Core Team will again reach out to many co-workers for feedback - especially as they begin this process. Please make time to evaluate workflows, notes, and processes as they apply to your area so that we can ensure Epic@UNC works best for all of our users.

When meetings to evaluate Epic@UNC progress are necessary, the Core Team is trying to schedule them in advance to work around normal schedules. However, due to our aggressive timeline, some meetings may be scheduled with short notice. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding in these circumstances as we get the build of Epic@UNC under way.

Some users may also be asked to help support and cover for colleagues who become engaged more deeply in Epic@UNC or are already involved as subject matter experts.We appreciate everyone's support in helping to make the Epic@UNC build process a success.

As stated in our guiding principles (Intranet link), the Core Team is building our Epic@UNC system in line with the Epic Model System. All workflows that received more than 80% positive feedback from our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) during Validation Sessions will move forward into the build.

Workflows with more than 20% negative feedback are being re-examined by the Core Team and fixed prior to becoming part of Epic@UNC. And critical issues (related to quality of care, regulatory, revenue cycle, compliance, or patient safety issues) are being re-examined this week during Re-Engineering Sessions May 7, 8, and 10 at the Friday Center.

Remember that you can find the latest information on the Epic@UNC website and submit any questions you have using our online form.