Therapy Services and CCM Discharge Planning and E-Chart Documentations

Therapy Services & Clinical Care Management (CCM) team representatives have revised the initial reference guides & approaches regarding the discharge process, which is pertinent to the acute care multidisciplinary team.

The Therapy Services (OT, PT and SLP) and CCM department implemented changes within the current discharge planning process in the acute care setting on Feb. 11 with the goal of providing clear, consistent and concise discharge recommendations and documentation among the multidisciplinary team, which in turn do not limit the patient’s discharge options.

The CCM team and Physicians have been the primary “gatekeepers” for determining and then communicating the best discharge plan (location) to patients and their caregivers. We appreciate all of the constructive feedback from various members of the multidisciplinary team and as a result of your input, modifications will be implemented within the reference guide and our current practice approach. We encourage you to review and distribute the reference guides amongst your colleagues. Please refer to this link for the revised reference guide.