'Good Things' from 3 Anderson

Two weeks ago we featured Nurse Paige Roberts and the 'Three Good Things' tool of 3 Anderson as a reminder to take the 2013 Patient Safety Culture Survey before Nov. 20! Check out just a few examples of the the 'good things' from 3 Anderson!

Take the 2013 Patient Safety Culture Survey by Nov. 20!


Excerpt from Oct. 31 feature on 3 Anderson and Paige Roberts, RN:

"For more than six months, Roberts implemented a variety of positivity tools – some learned at the training, some created by her. The first tool she brought to the unit was 'Three Good Things.' When staff filled out their daily huddle form with patient information, she asked them to write down something good that happened during their shift, such as a good patient or coworker interaction. The charge nurse presented three of the many good things detailed by staff to the oncoming shift. The results were felt immediately.

“'Three Good Things started our nursing shifts in a positive light,'” says Roberts. “'It has made us recognize the good things that already exist around us even when stressful things are going on.'”

A sample of 3 Anderson's 'Three Good Things'

  • I precepted a new grad who is probably going to be a rock star! She gives me hope for the not too distant future of staffing on our unit!
  • There were a lot of smiles and laughter in the break room during lunch.
  • Great staff to work with, float RN, everyone is so helpful!
  • Worked with great RNs and NAs.
  • The staff was in a good mood today (despite being busy)!
  • Staff worked together to get through the shift.
  • All the patients have been nice.
  • All nurses were very helpful and understanding with bedboard issues.
  • Fun to work with a GREAT group of RNs.
  • My patient in XXXX said the nursing staff here does and great job. Wanted to make sure she told us because we don’t hear it enough!
  • Everybody is helpful. My patients are cooperative and appreciative. Nothing else to ask for to have a good night!!
  • Seeing all the smiling faces and wonderful attitudes.
  • Great that all RNs and NAs working as a team at beginning of a busy shift.
  • Even without an NA in the ICCU, this has been the best shift I have had in the ICCU in a loooooong time.
  • Although there was only one NA today for a while, the nurses all pulled together and got all the VS and BS complete.  We all worked it out!
  • Staff worked together well & had a good group of patients.
  • All my patients were laid back and we had a great shift!  Happy Sunday!
  • We fully staffed!
  • Great teamwork from everyone.
  • The patients were calm and cooperative through the night.
  • A very smooth evening and overnight.
  • Everybody was nice. Pts were nice. We had a quiet good night.
  • Great teamwork today. I felt the RNs and NAs on this floor work really well together and things flowed efficiently.
  • Doctors helped with our survey!
  • Great charge Nurse was so helpful during a really busy time tonight. Great staff to work with on night shift!
  • With all the discharged patients, my charge nurse was very supportive.
  • Everyone worked GREAT together.
  • We had 3 awesome NAs until 3:00! It was a great shift!  Everyone was so helpful!
  • Rapid response nurse helped transport pt to ICU.
  • I got an email from a staff member in Performance Improvement that saw our You tube video and said:  “Wow, this explains a lot, obviously a wonderful group!”
  • Great teamwork with low staffing.
  • Quite a few admissions without anybody complaining!
  • Amazing teamwork yesterday when patients starting flooding the unit!  Always impressed by the way you work together seamlessly!
  • Seeing the GREAT pics of day shift and night shift this morning for the skin video made me smile!   You all are the best!
  • Reading about the amazing teamwork on 3AD first thing on a rainy Monday morning!  :)
  • Great team of nurses and NAs on High side & the “I”.  But, we can’t forget about the ones on the low side, they are great too!
  • Kudos to everyone. I started to drown today and everyone pitched in to help me out.
  • I’m starting to hear about more and more random acts of kindness…you all are the best! 
  • Worked with a great team today and made it through an unexpected system downtime!

Please take the 2013 Patient Safety Culture Survey before Nov. 20. In addition to measuring traditional metrics for patient safety, this year’s survey will measure how well UNC Hospitals’ units and outpatient clinics recognize the effects of stress as well as their levels of resilience.

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