Telephone cabling updates begin in early December; main impact in Neurosciences Hospital

In early December, ISD will begin a project to update our telephone infrastructure across UNC Hospitals. This work will mainly take place in the Neurosciences Hospitals’ basement through 6th floor, although upgrades are needed in several other units scattered across UNC Hospitals.

These upgrades are necessary because the current telephone cabling infrastructure in these areas does not support modern telephones - specifically the need for the cables to carry power. During the upgrade, workers will need to run new lines and then reconnect all hardware (phones, computers, printers, etc.) to the new cables.

We anticipate this will cause as much as a 30–minute disruption for each person’s area in the affected units. Workers will follow all protocols when moving ceiling tiles to ensure workstations remain clean and free of dust/debris.

We do not anticipate that any work will be required in patient rooms – the upgrades will mostly take place in desks/work areas on the units. Noise should be minimal during this project as well. Drilling/hammering will be limited if required at all.

ISD will schedule locations and notify Nurse Managers before beginning any work in their area. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we make these upgrades.