Providers - Select the correct Login Department

Ambulatory Providers need to login to their clinic, even when doing inpatient rounds (note exceptions below). Inpatient Providers need to login to their Service in Epic@UNC (e.g. Gynecology SVC, Hospitalists, etc.) and NOT a nursing unit or floor. If inpatient providers login to nursing units/floors, they will see the nurses’ preference list with the Charge Capture pop-up.


  • UNC Hospitals' OB providers whose clinic is NOT located on the main campus should log in to 4 LD UNCW. They must log in to 4 LD UNCW in order to see the L&D Greaseboard and the proper provider charge codes. 
  • Cardiology/Vascular providers who are doing procedures in the Cath Lab or Radiology should login to the appropriate location such as IMG Cath, etc. This allows the Invasive Procedures tab to be available for documentation as well as the correct charge capture preference lists.

Selecting the correct Login Department within Epic@UNC is important for providers. The Login Department affects many of the functions available to you within the system, including preference lists, orders and the correct charge capture window appearing after signing a billable note.

View full details in this tip sheet (Intranet).

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