Names, departments/locations clarified, new service request options available in HEAT Cloud

ISD is updating several features in UNC Health Care's HEAT Cloud this week, including the way names and departments/locations are presented. Additionally, you can now request system access (SARF), WebEx access, and make Schedulable Epic Records (SER) requests. See details below.

  • Names
    Previously names in HEAT showed as “FirstName LastName.” Moving forward, names will show as “LastName, FirstName (loginid)” and will utilize the preferred name for the user if defined. This will help resolve issues experienced when more than one person has the same name.
  • Departments/Locations
    Departments/Location names in HEAT Cloud now match the department/location names displayed in Epic@UNC. For example, 7 West will now display as 7 WST in both Epic@UNC and HEAT Cloud. ISD is in process if updating department/location names – this transition should be complete by Friday, Jan. 30.
  • New options in Service Catalog
    You can now request and complete an online Systems Access Request Form (SARF), request access to create new WebEx meetings, and request creation of a Schedulable Epic Record (SER) in HEAT Cloud. For Rex users, SARF will replace the Request New Rex User Account or Change Rex Access form.
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