Clean In, Clean Out Golden Hand Accolades for August

Take a look at our overall results and our unit and individual achievements for August.

Clean In, Clean Out compliance reports through August 2015 are now available for your review. Inpatient areas achieved 95.5% compliance overall. 81.6% of the inpatient units and 90% of the job classes met the goal of at least 90% compliance. Outpatient/procedural areas achieved 93.6% compliance overall with only 44% of the outpatient/procedural areas and 80% of the job classes meeting the goal of at least 90% compliance. ORs achieved 88% compliance overall. 

  • If your unit or job class is having difficulty achieving 90% compliance, this action planning tool (example paper tool inpatient, outpatient/procedural, electronic submission) is available for you to use and hand hygiene advisory members will be available to assist you in developing strategies for improvement (please request assistance by emailing 

Feedback was provided for 46.7% of all inpatient observations, 48.7% of all outpatient/procedural observations and 41.6% of all OR observations – that’s more than 4,000 times in August that our employees talked about hand hygiene! Wonderful!  But with such high compliance rates, wouldn’t it be great to thank and recognize our colleagues EVEN more? Tips/scripting for providing feedback is here.

Our physician/APP colleagues still need assistance with participation. In August only five physicians submitted observations.  Hooray for John Vavalle, Kim Wehner, Tina Willis, Megan Andrews and Urvi Patel! Can you each teach one (or more) of your colleagues how to submit observations using the survey tool on the Intranet home page?

Golden Hand Accolades for August are awarded to:

Clean Hand Hygiene

Hillsborough Hospital Observation Unit for being the FIRST area in Hillsborough Hospital to submit Clean In, Clean Out data with 13 unique observers and 92.5% compliance! Very nice! 

John Vavalle, Kim Wehner, Tina Willis, Megan Andrews and Urvi Patel – our physician/APP submitters for the month August. Thank you for leading the way!

CICU, Cancer Infusion (Pediatric-Cancer Hospital), Kidney and Hypertension Clinic ACC, Pre-Care, Wakebrook (ADU, CAS and FBC) and EVS/Housekeeping for providing feedback on >75% of all observations! Great work!

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