Details on removal of 'Override' ability from Health Maintenance

Recently, the ability to use "Override" to satisfy Health Maintenance topics in Epic@UNC was removed. This change was made in order support recommended workflows for documenting Health Maintenance performed outside of the UNC Health Care System.

Using Override to document outside results for Health Maintenance (HM) is not recommended for multiple reasons:

  • Data entered by Override is not captured by the most commonly used reports. 
  • Data entered by Override bypasses logic utilized by Health Maintenance. 
  • Immunizations entered by Override bypasses logic that determines when the next vaccine in a series is due and is not visible in immunization history. 
  • Override workflow does not link to a scanned copy of the result in the medical record as required for some regulatory reporting. (Outside HM results from labs or procedures should be entered using Enter/Edit Results or the HM Result Console.) 

Given these issues, the ability to use Override in Health Maintenance has been removed. If Override was previously entered for an HM topic, the override can still be removed.

More Information

  • Refer to the Health Maintenance Basics tipsheet for further information on how to document external results. 
  • For users who wish to learn more about using Health Maintenance in Epic@UNC, we recommend attending the Learning Street class Ambulatory Population Health Fundamentals - search for 'Population Health' once you login to LMS to find the class.