Now grown and healthy, former NICU babies meet with their UNC caregivers

WNCN featured the Newborn Critical Care Center reunion held last weekend at the Friday Center.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) — Families, whose children were once in UNC’s Newborn Critical Care Center, were reunited with their doctors and nurses.

The former patients included children aged from infants to teenagers.

Many of the children spent several days, even months, in the hospital working with the same doctors and nurses.

Sunday was an opportunity for them to reconnect and see how the children are doing.

“To be able to catch up and to be able to think back to the days when they were in the hospital, was scary time for the family. But now we can celebrate and be joyful that they have grown and are healthy,” Kim Guglienmo, a registered nurse, said.

One of the children Guglienmo worked with is Elise, who is now nine-months-old.

Sarah, Elise’s mother, said, “to be able to show her off and to walk with a baby (born at 25 weeks old), that is healthy as Elise is, is pretty awesome!”

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