TUG Robot Hospital Mapping and New Route Planning

Starting Tuesday, Feb. 21, a team from Aethon will be walking through the hospital with a TUG robot, similar to those already in use in the laboratory, to map planned travel routes in the facility. This is in preparation to expand our current fleet of TUG robots, enabling the support services team to better service the units with supplies, linen, food along with remove trash and other materials.

Please read below for details: 

  • The team will consist of two Aethon employees and a TUG robot.
  • Beginning Feb. 21, they will be walking the main corridors, “steering” the tug with a controller.
  • The team may need to pass through the corridors multiple times, depending on the information they are gathering.
  • The data being collected are travel distances and dimensions of the hallways and intersections.
  • If you have questions, please contact Ed Booth at 984-974-4629.
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