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Biostatistics Seminar Series – Bayesian Clinical Trial Design

November 6, 2020 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm


The NC TraCS Biostatistics Seminar Series provides more in-depth discussion of select biostatistical topics for clinical and translational researchers who have basic quantitative training in biostatistical methods. Join us this fall for seminars on data visualization & statistical graphics, power analysis & sample size planning, and Bayesian clinical trial design.

In the third and final session of the NC TraCS Biostatistics Fall 2020 Seminar series, we consider the problem of Bayesian sample size determination for a clinical trial in the presence of historical data that inform the treatment effect. Our broadly applicable, simulation-based methodology provides a framework for calibrating the informativeness of a prior while simultaneously identifying the minimum sample size required for a new trial such that the overall design has appropriate power to detect a non-null treatment effect and reasonable type I error control. We demonstrate our methodology using a real data set to design a follow-up clinical trial with time-to-event endpoint for an investigational treatment in high-risk melanom

Presenter: Joeseph Ibrahim, PhD
UNC Department of Biostatistics

Contact Name: Daniel Nuttall