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Clinical Ethics Grand Rounds

January 19, 2022 @ 7:15 am - 8:15 am

Video/Audio Recording in the Operating Room and the Coming Age of Surgical Transparency

Alexander J. Langerman, M.D.
Associate Professor, Vanderbilt University
School of Medicine
Surgery Education Center, 4050 Burnett-Womack
or on Webex

Dr. Langerman focuses on the intersection of ethics, data science, and management in the operating room, and he has faculty positions with Vanderbilt Center for Biomedical Ethics and Society and Vanderbilt Institute for Surgery and Engineering. Dr. Langerman holds a masters degree in clinical and administrative data science and is a fellowship-trained clinical medical ethicist. He is also Chief Medical Officer of ExplORer Surgical, a startup he co-founded that specializes in real-time surgical data acquisition.

Recent Publications:Langerman, Alexander, MD, SM, Grantcharov, Teodor & MD, PhD. (2017). Are We Ready for Our Close-up?: Why and How We Must Embrace Video in the OR. Annals of Surgery266, 934-936.

Perez, Andrew W., Brelsford, Kathleen M., Diehl, Carolyn J., Langerman, Alexander J. Surgeon Perspectives on Benefits and Downsides of Overlapping SurgeryAnnals of Surgery 274:5, e403-e409 (2021).


January 19, 2022
7:15 am - 8:15 am


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