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UNC Health Communications and News Team

UNC Health’s national reputation for cutting-edge research, quality patient care and excellent training of young professionals generate considerable attention from the news media. All media requests for interviews, filming and information gathering are handled by UNC Health’s News Team.

If you are a member of the media call us at (984) 974-1140 with your request. On weekends, holidays and after 5 p.m. on weeknights, please leave a voice mail which will send a page to our on-call person.

If you need information about Logos/Branding, Event Marketing Guidelines, Publications, or Awards Forms for UNC Health or the UNC School of Medicine, please see the Public Affairs & Marketing page.

Phil Bridges, Director of Communications

Phil Bridges

Executive Director of Integrated Communications
Office: (984) 974-1152
Mobile: (919) 457-6347

As director of integrated communications, Phil Bridges leads UNC Health’s internal and external communications efforts. He brings 30 years of communications experience across a wide variety of disciplines, including Health at a Fortune 500 company. Among Phil’s goals is to harmonize various communications efforts across different entities — including the UNC School of Medicine — within a single organization. He joined UNC Health’s Communications team in the spring of 2017.

Alan Wolf, Media Relations Manager

Alan Wolf

Director, Local News & Issues
Office: (919) 784-4467
Mobile: (919) 218-7103

In his role as director of local news & issues, Alan and helps coordinate media relations efforts across UNC Health. In that role, he works with journalists from a wide range of media outlets to share expertise, clinical research and inspiring stories at Rex, UNC Medical Center and other affiliates within UNC Health. He has been with Rex and UNC Health since 2011.

Mark Derewicz, Communications Manager

Mark Derewicz

Director, Research & National News
Office: (984) 974-1915
Mobile: (919) 923-0959

In his role director of research and national news, Mark oversees content creation and distribution for the UNC School of Medicine, focusing on research, science and education. Mark manages internal and external communication for the school and oversees Vital Signs. Mark also works closely with university colleagues to coordinate communication. Mark started at UNC Health in September 2013. Previously, he was the senior writer for Endeavors, UNC’s award-winning magazine dedicated to research at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Brittany Phillips, Communications Specialist

Brittany T. Phillips

Communications Specialist
Office: (984) 974-1135

In her role as a communications specialist, Brittany writes news stories on clinical research, coordinates media relations efforts, and develops content for other publications. Brittany is also a videographer who loves to capture the visual aspect of storytelling throughout UNC Health Care. She joined the UNC Health Care team in the fall of 2019.

Tom Hughes, Communications Specialist

Tom Hughes

Communications Specialist
Office: (984) 974-1151
Mobile: (919) 627-5510

Tom writes news stories about clinical research and other clinical activities of UNC Health. He also helps manage our social media sites and performs media relations activities. Tom has been with UNC Health since 2001.

Will Arey, Internal Communications Manager

Will Arey

Director of Internal Communications
Office: (984) 974-1147
Mobile: (919) 370-1625

Will is director of Internal Communications at UNC Health, a role in which he oversees internal communication efforts across the UNC Health system. His team focuses on internal communications involving the UNC Medical Center, UNC REX, and the UNC Physicians Network. Will has worked at UNC Health since 2005.

Matt Englund, Internal Communications Specialist

Matt Englund

Internal Communications Manager
Office: (984) 974-1144

Matt is a communications manager for UNC Health, with a focus on internal communications at the UNC Medical Center, including creation and distribution of newsletters. He joined the UNC Health team in 2014.

Jamie Williams, Executive Communications Manager

Jamie Williams

Director, Executive Communications
Office: (984) 974-1149
Mobile: (919) 436-6489

Jamie provides communications support for executives at UNC Health and the UNC School of Medicine, including the CEO, Executive Dean, and Board of Directors. He joined the UNC Health team in the fall of 2014.