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Green Beret, White Coat
Whether donning a green hat or a white coat, Karl Holt has lived with a service mindset. As a Green Beret medic, he saved the lives of others during a helicopter crash in Afghanistan in 2009. He nearly lost his life that night, and spent years recovering from his injuries, both physical and psychological. Today, he is on his way to becoming a physician, and hopes that his experiences will help other veterans as they transition into civilian life.
Located in News / 2015 / December
Corbett continues quest for dengue fever vaccine
In this new series, we profile graduate students who conduct research in labs across the UNC School of Medicine. First up is Kizzmekia Corbett, who received an off-campus dissertation fellowship from the UNC Graduate School to travel to Sri Lanka. Corbett will collect blood samples to search for a specific antibody response to the dengue virus, a key step in creating a vaccine for the world's most widespread mosquito-borne disease.
Located in News / 2014 / February
Inside Our Cellular Invaders
When we fight an infection -- any invader -- our bodies conjure inflammatory responses, immune responses. But inside some individual cells, a similar reaction happens. Beth Knight, PhD, found out what transpires inside such cells involved in a kind of brain cancer called medulloblastoma and what role a particularly important protein plays in cancer development. This is the second profile in a continuing series of features on UNC School of Medicine graduate students.
Located in News / 2014 / March
Building a Better Image
Andrew Tucker, PhD, used his graduate experience at UNC to help build a new kind of mammographic imaging machine now in use in a clinical trial at the North Carolina Cancer Hospital.
Located in News / 2014 / April
Scaling a Great Wall
Graduate student Lindsay Jaacks conducts the first ever study of diet and type 1 diabetes in a developing country and sets her sights on the effects of pollution.
Located in News / 2014 / May
The Brain on Light
Graduate student Alice Stamatakis uses optogenetics to study the complicated circuitry behind reward, addiction, and aversion.
Located in News / 2014 / June
The Axon Investigator
Driven by a childhood desire to know what makes us unique, Corey Cusack, PhD, came to UNC to uncover the inner workings of brain cells. This year she earned her doctorate by parsing the tiny proteins involved in neuron death and axon pruning.
Located in News / 2014 / September
Taking on Tuberculosis
Graduate student Ellen Perkowski created a new tool to study how tuberculosis survives, thrives, and escapes our immune system defenses.
Located in News / 2014 / October
Platforms for Proteins
Graduate student Orrin Stone is creating molecular tools to pinpoint how and when cellular pathways trigger cell movement – or, in cancer, metastasis.
Located in News / 2014 / December
From the Carolina Chronicle: Sound graduate work
Cochlear implants are a medical miracle, providing the gift of sound to deaf children and adults alike. However, outcomes with cochlear implants vary widely, ranging from increased lip reading to the ability to carry on normal conversations and even talk on the phone.
Located in Vital Signs / 2015 / Jan. 15