Board of Directors’ Special Committee Meets to Review WakeMed Proposal

A Special Committee of the University of North Carolina Health Care System Board met today to begin its review of the WakeMed proposal to purchase Rex Healthcare.

The committee, led by D. Jordan Whichard, was named on June 20 by UNC Health Care Board of Directors Chairman Richard Krasno.  Other members of the committee include Rev. Lisa Fischbeck, Dr. Andrew Greganti, Dale Jenkins, James Speed and Chancellor Holden Thorp.

Krasno directed the committee to conduct a thorough review of the WakeMed proposal and recommend next steps as promptly as possible. “Rex is an integral part of the UNC Health Care System and is vital to its teaching, research and clinical care missions,” Krasno said. “However, the Board has a fiduciary responsibility to consider the proposal.”

To aid the committee’s review, an online feedback form has been created that allows the public to submit comments regarding the proposal. That form can be found on UNC Health Care's website at “We would like to know the public’s reaction to the WakeMed proposal and we value their input as we move forward,” said Krasno.

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