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In response to a suggestion from Glad You Asked, the Payroll Office, in partnership with ISD (Information Services Division), is pleased to announce the option of receiving your bi‐weekly payroll statement electronically, effective with the April 15 pay day. View a flyer with full details here.

Electronic distribution to the e‐mail address of your choice is a secure, timely and efficient option. We encourage you to participate and benefit from the convenience of viewing your pay statements online.

How does the electronic distribution work?
Electronic distribution occurs every other Thursday before a scheduled payday to an e‐mail address of your choice. You must subscribe by identifying an e‐mail address to receive your pay statement electronically. Upon receipt, you may then decide the best method to organize pay statements; i.e., print, save, delete, etc. Once you subscribe to receive electronic distribution, your current paper distribution is cancelled and cannot be resumed.

Register your preferred e-mail address:

  • A e‐mail address: You receive an e‐mail from with a secure hyperlink to immediately view an electronic PDF (Portable Document Format) version of your pay statement in Report2Web. After April 15, up to five previous pay statements are available using the Report2Web portal at that is only accessible via the UNC Health Care internal network.
  • Any other e‐mail address: You receive an e‐mail from with a VIEW MESSAGE box; click VIEW MESSAGE to access an electronic PDF version of your pay statement. After April 15, each pay statement is available up to 30 days from the e‐mail notification date.

Electronic Pay Statement Subscription (EPSS) Instructions
Open a browser and enter in the Address field. Follow the instructions to login with your UNC Health Care e‐mail User Name & Password, which is also your domain user name and password.

If you do not have a e‐mail account, you must provide additional information for identification purposes. A confirmation e‐mail is sent to your subscriber e‐mail address that the request is successful. TIP: Click the Help link on the subscription screen for detailed instructions and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

What if I don’t have an e-mail address and want electronic distribution?
Talk with your manager about the best solution for your situation and consider the ease of having access to a computer and other reasons to need e‐mail.

What if I don’t want electronic distribution of my pay statement?
There is no action required on your part to continue receiving the pay statement on paper via interoffice mail.

What if I want to change the e-mail address to receive my pay statement?
You may change the e‐mail address at any time to receive your electronic pay statement.