The Brain Attack Team (BAT) began operation March 9. The BAT is a team that provides emergency assessment and care to inpatients showing signs of impending stroke.

The BAT is activated by the Adult Rapid Response Team after their initial assessment of a patient. The BAT members that respond to the call include the Neurology resident on call, a nurse from the Neurosurgery ICU, and a guest services representative with a stretcher. Other BAT members standing by for determination of the need for stroke intervention include staff in CT and the pharmacy.

Why do we need a BAT?

 If an in-patient is having a stroke, rapid assessment and treatment can improve outcomes. In many cases treatment with Tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), a thrombolytic agent (clot-busting drug) is appropriate. This medication must be given in within 3 hours following symptom onset and the sooner the better. A trained team can quickly assess the patient, coordinate needed care, interpret test results and if appropriate administer tPA.
The physician leader of the BAT is Dr. David Huang. Nurse leaders for the team are Jamila Ezell, Susan Wilson and Melissa Walters and IT Support is provided by Megan Wiegand.