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William Stansfield, MD The Center for Heart and Vascula

William Stansfield, MD

The Center for Heart and Vascular Care is pleased to welcome Bill Stansfield, MD, who joined the Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery in July.

In his role as an Assistant Professor of Surgery, Dr. Stansfield will work with patients diagnosed with heart failure and aortic valve disease, perform aortic surgery and coronary artery bypass grafting, and he will work as part of our heart transplantation team.

Dr. Stansfield says, “I am excited about ongoing advances in advanced heart failure therapy, specifically the opportunity to provide more patients with access to state of the art medical technologies that can dramatically improve their quality of life.”

While Dr. Stansfield may be officially new in the Center for Heart and Vascular Care, he certainly isn’t new at UNC. He began training in the UNC School of Medicine in 2002 as an Intern, then as a Resident in General Surgery. In 2009, he began his Residency in Cardiothoracic Surgery, which led him to where he is today.

“I’ve been extremely satisfied with my training experience here at UNC,” says Dr. Stansfield. “I’ve been overwhelmed by the level of commitment of the attending faculty to my education and professional development. This level of support, together with the breadth and severity of cardiovascular disease cared for here at UNC, have provided me with an outstanding training experience.”

He adds, “I am very excited to stay and join a dynamic and energetic team that is providing top level care to the citizens of North Carolina.”

Hailing originally from Durham, New Hampshire, Dr. Stansfield completed his undergraduate work in Biochemistry and Economics at Bowdoin College in Maine, spent 2 ½ years pursuing graduate work in Analytical Chemistry at the University of New Hampshire, and received his M.D. C.M. from McGill Faculty of Medicine in Montreal, Canada.

A unique fact about Dr. Stansfield’s training at McGill – it is the only medical school in Canada to award four-year medical M.D., C.M. degrees, which mean “Doctor of Medicine and Master of Surgery”.

Dr. Stansfield’s interests include camping, hiking, and skiing. He resides in Durham with his wife, Tereza Martinu, a transplant pulmonologist at Duke University, and their two children, Hana (5) and Axel (3). He says, “We all enjoy traveling together – my daughter is already on her second passport!”

Welcome to the UNC Center for Heart and Vascular Care!