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Epic at UNC’s new training and scheduling. Also, ere is a glossary into this month’s important terms.

EPIC Training and Scheduling

There is much attention right now to scheduling of all employees (faculty, staff, researchers, students) who will need to use EPIC. Go live is April 4, 2014. Super users will be in training through January and early February. Remaining users will be in training through February and March.

This is challenging. The training team has put together a huge portfolio of training classes. A reminder that all classroom training will take place at the airport mall. Every effort is being made to minimize disruption to clinical availability.

A huge thank you to each of you for helping in every way you can to be as flexible as possible when enrolling in classes and covering for each other. Within Heart and Vascular areas of the School of Medicine, please see your division manager with questions and suggestions.

EPIC Words of the Month

OpTime – Operating Room Management

Radiant – Radiology

Cadence – Enterprise Scheduling

NoteWriter – An activity that generates note text based on point-and-click documentation. Information that a clinician document from the NoteWriter includes a patient’s history of present illness, review of systems, medical decision making, and physical exam.

Order Set – A preconfigured group of orders that is commonly ordered together for a specific problem or diagnosis. Order Sets can be suggested based on entries on your patient’s problem list, and you can also mark Order Sets you use frequently as your favorites.

SmartData element – A data entity for which you want to capture a value. Used in locations such as SmartForms and the NoteWriter to capture data instead of using Chronicles items. SmartData elements are records in the Clinical Concepts Lexicon (HLX) master file. When you specify a value for a SmartData element, that value is stored separately in the Concept Values (HLV) master file. SmartData elements were previously referred to as concepts. The term concept is still used to define third-party reference terminologies, which are not used directly for data storage.

SmartPhrase – A SmartTool that allows you to type a few characters that automatically expand into a longer phrase or block of text. For example, .pt becomes patient.