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The 10-year ASCVD (Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease) Risk calculator is now available in Epic@UNC!

The calculator uses the pooled cohort equations (Goff et al, 2013) to estimate the risk of developing a first-time ASCVD event within the next 10-year period for patients age 40 – 79 who do not already have clinical ASCVD. To generate this risk score, the tool uses demographic and clinical data already stored within the Epic@UNC database.

A patient’s 10-year ASCVD Risk Score can be accessed using the dotphrase (.ASCVDRisk) or by viewing the Registry and Risk Score Snapshot. Two new reports also are available to view the ASCVD risk score for a population of patients:

  • “My Patients ASCVD Risk (Age 40-79)”
  • “My Department’s Patients ASCVD Risk (Age 40-79)”

See the tipsheet at this link for more details on how to use these tools in Epic@UNC. For details on clinical data used by the calculator, exclusions, and scoring, see the updated Registries – Supplement.