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New time clocks are in the process of being installed throughout the Medical Center campus, clinics and other buildings where State employees work. We worked with leadership in each area to determine the number and locations of the new time clocks. To ensure all clocks will be installed by Dec. 16, you will notice vendors working in your areas up to 24/7.

We ask that you be as accommodating as possible to allow the vendor to get your clocks installed on the walls, while ensuring patient safety.

Beginning Dec. 16, you will also be able to clock in and out using the desktop application, myClock, which will be located on the home page of the UNC Medical Center Intranet. Review the myClock online application Quick Sheet for more information. The time clocks and online applications will not be activated until myTime is launched at your entity.

You can find more information on myTime, associated policies and Training Resources on the myHR intranet site. Please send questions to myHR.