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CHAPEL HILL, NC – On Match Day, medical students from across the country find out where they will be going to complete their residency training. For the last several months students have crisscrossed the country, visiting and interviewing at different programs. The students rank their top choices; the residency programs do the same. Then, the National Resident Matching Program matches students and programs based on these rankings.

Since students have rated their top destinations, they have a sense of where they might be going, but they don’t know for sure until they run down the stairs of the Medical Biomolecular Research Building auditorium, jump onto the stage, and get the blue envelope with their Match results.

Students walk into the hallway to find some privacy in this big moment. Or, they go back to share the result with their families.

Here’s what the UNC School of Medicine Class of 2019 found in those envelopes:

  • 156 Students matched into 24 specialties
  • Students will complete their residency training in 31 states and the District of Columbia
  • 65 students, more than 40 percent of the class of 2019, will complete their residency training in North Carolina
  • The most popular specialties: Internal Medicine (27 students), Pediatrics (17 students), OB/GYN (15 students), Emergency Medicine (15 students), General Surgery (13 students)

“Congratulations to you all on this memorable occasion,” said Wesley Burks, MD, Dean of the UNC School of Medicine and CEO of UNC Health Care. “You’ve thought for years about the type of doctor you would like to become and now you are here ready to begin the next phase of your training. This is a day you will always remember.”