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We at the North Carolina Translational and Clinical Sciences (NC TraCS) Institute recently made a couple big moves. We have redesigned our online home, organizing it to easily find the services you need.

We’ve improved the aesthetics of the site, made submitting requests more accessible, and we’ve divided the services we offer into categories allowing you to better identify what your study or project need. Please explore our site if you need help with:

  • Funding Opportunities
  • Data & Analysis
  • Conducting Clinical Research
  • Community Engagement
  • Education & Training
  • Entrepreneurship & Commercialization
  • Recruitment & Retention
  • Building Teams
  • Research Space
  • Finding a study to participate in

Along with the redesign we’ve released a video serving as an overview of our services. This video, living on our homepage, explains the importance of translational science and how our institute has been able to move forward the research agenda. We highlight three of the top investigators NC TraCS has supported. Flavio Frohlich, PhD, is testing to see if electromagnetic, noninvasive, brain stimulation can treat mental illness. Rahima Benhabbour, PhD, is utilizing the technology of 3D printing to create a platform technology for women’s health. Jessica Zégre-Hemsey, PhD, is researching ways to deliver heart attack victims life-saving AED defibrillators via drone.

So please, explore our website, watch our new video, and see how we can help you achieve your research goals!