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Stephan Moll, MD, professor of medicine, published a blog post on COVID-19 vaccination guidelines for the millions of people in the United States currently on blood thinners.

Clot Connect, a clearinghouse for Information about blood clots (DVT/PE) and clotting disorders (thrombophilia) provided as a public service by the University of North Carolina Blood Research Center, published a blog by Stephan Moll, MD, featuring guidance on COVID-19 vaccination for people on blood thinners.

More than six million people in the United States are on a blood thinner for atrial fibrillation, venous thromboembolism, heart valve replacement or other reasons. UNC’s hematologist Stephan Moll, MD, professor in the UNC Department of Medicine, summarizes existing federal and medical society guidelines and gives practical advice to patients on blood thinners in regard ot COVID-19 vaccination.

Moll is the medical director of Clot Connect at the UNC Blood Research Center, where he is a member.