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Jean-Luc Banks, a third-year medical student at the UNC School of Medicine, was featured this week in a segment on CBS 17.

“Jean-Luc Banks is a third-year medical student at UNC and is working at the New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington. He said it was difficult to not be able to help people during the first three months of the pandemic. Many students like him weren’t able to work in hospitals due to a shortage of personal protective gear.

“When Banks was finally able to see patients, hurdles continued to pop up.

“’You forget that you have to go see other patients as well, so you have to protect yourself, the patients around you, as well as your family members. And that emotional strain at the start of the pandemic was probably the hardest part,’” Banks said.

“The Wilson native didn’t lose sight of why he is there.”

Read or watch the entire CBS 17 segment here.