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In a report released May 6th, the UNC Health brand was ranked as the #4 healthcare brand in the United States overall and the #2 most trusted healthcare brand, just after Johns Hopkins and before Mass General.

The rankings come from a joint project between the American Hospital Association (AHA) and the Society for Health Care Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD).  AHA and SHSMD partnered with brand strategy agency Monigle to produce the fourth edition of its in-depth report, Humanizing Brand Experience.  The report includes a national ranking of health system/hospital brands.

In the introduction to this year’s 131-page report, Monigle explains that it “focuses on how we can and must adapt to fit the new future of healthcare that’s now on the horizon” and explores “the opportunities brands can leverage to chart their path into the next era of health and care, making the promise to highlight how healthcare brands can deliver on the fundamental emotional needs of their consumers.”

No other healthcare system in North Carolina makes the top 10 for “most trusted” in this year’s edition, and no other North Carolina system cracks the top 30 in the overall rankings.

“This recognition of the UNC Health brand is something for all 35,000 of our team members to be extremely proud of,” said Lisa Schiller, Chief Communications & Marketing Officer for UNC Health.

“An organization’s brand is built upon many things and it is strengthened with every contact point our patients and their families experience with us,” Schiller explained. “It is the job of Communications and Marketing to tell the story of our patients, our providers, our researchers and everyone else that helps improve the health of North Carolinians. It is those thousands of team members who humanize and own the UNC Health brand.”