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The below clickable headlines link directly to outside media outlets, which featured UNC School of Medicine faculty during the past week, starting Thursday September 2, 2021.

Gov. Cooper signs executive order aimed to expand access to COVID-19 antibody treatment – Dr. David Wohl (CBS 17)

Those school robocalls about a COVID case leave parents confused – Eleanor Wertman (NC Health News)

Durham School Board Will Collect Vaccination Data Before Deciding Whether to Mandate Vaccines for its Employees – Dr. David Weber (INDY WEEK)

How A Coordinated Genome Sequencing Program Can Help Slow The Spread of SARS-CoV-2 Variants – Dr. Karen Weck (Health Affairs)

Carolina Researchers Lead CZI Collaborative on Childhood Diseases – Dr. James S. Hagood, Dr. Richard Boucher (Mirage News)

Durham’s Brii Biosciences bets $100M to advance possible COVID therapy – Dr. David Wohl (WRAL Tech Wire)

UNC doctor predicts September COVID surge coming after Labor Day – Dr. David Weber (WTVD)

The Triangle’s mental health care system shows the strain of 18 months of pandemic – Dr. Samantha Meltzer-Brody (The News & Observer)

Duke doctor: September could be worst month for COVID hospitalizations yet – Dr. David Wohl (WRAL)

Booster shots could start Sept. 20: Here’s who can actually get one – Dr. David Wohl (Fox Charlotte)

30% more patients sought mental health care during the pandemic, UNC says – Dr. Crystal Schiller (WRAL)

UNC antibody treatment could reduce COVID-19 hospitalizations by nearly 80% – Dr. David Wohl (WRAL)

Innovative LARQ Bottle delivers clean water – Dr. David Weber (King Weekly Sentinel)

Is it a good idea to attend football games and outdoor concerts? We asked the experts – Dr. Mieses-Malchuk, Dr. David Alain Wohl, Dr. Anita Skariah, Dr. David Cameron Wolfe (The News & Observer)