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The below clickable headlines link directly to outside media outlets, which featured UNC School of Medicine faculty during the past week, starting Friday March 11, 2022.

Livingston Town Hall Glows in Recognition of Rare Disease Day – Dr. Cynthia Powell (TAPinto)

A DAY in the LIFE of Chatham Hospital – Chatham Hospital

Optimistic People May Be Better at Choosing to Not Engage in Stressful Situations – Dr. Jonathan Gerkin (Everyday Health)

Improvement but not over: COVID pandemic 2 years in – Dr. David Weber (WNCN)

How to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day safely – Dr. David Weber (The Post and Courier)

Menopause May Affect Your Mental Health More Than You’d Think – Dr. Susan Girdler (Yahoo! News)

CDC sees signs of possible new COVID-19 surge in early wastewater monitoring data – Dr. David Wohl (WTVD)

If you’ve made it 2 years without catching COVID, what are the chances you’ll never get it? – Dr. David Wohl (WNCT)

COVID-19 treatment for vulnerable patients goes unused in North Carolina – Dr. David Wohl (WRAL)

Vapers and Hookah Users May Have an Increased Risk of Nose Diseases – Dr. Adam Goldstein (Everyday Health)

COVID-19 cases are increasing in parts of the world. Could spring break travel make it worse? – Dr. David Wohl (WRAL)

Wake County to scale down COVID-19 testing and vaccine programs – Dr. David Wohl (WTVD)

Hopefully, I’m wrong:’ Why doctors are concerned about yet another COVID-19 wave – Dr. David Wohl (WNCN)