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The below clickable headlines link directly to outside media outlets, which featured UNC School of Medicine faculty during the past week, starting Friday May 20, 2022.

UNC viroloigist: Be cautious, not concerned, about monkeypox – Dr. Blossom Damania (WRAL)

Parents of child lost to brain-eating amoeba fight to keep others safe – Dr. Benny Joyner (WRAL)

Agent Contrasting Agent in Short Supply After Covid Lockdown in China – Dr. Maureen Kohi (WRAL)

Should we be concerned about monkeypox in NC? A UNC medical expert weighs in – Dr. Blossom Damania (News and Observer)

NC COVID surge: Should you get the second booster now, or wait? What to know. – Dr. David Wohl (News and Observer)

Kids can show anxiety symptoms early on. Here’s how to spot them – Dr. Rebecca Baum (CNN)

COVID-19 cases are rising again in North Carolina. Will this wave be as bad as the last? – Dr. David Wohl (The Sun News)

This Tick Can Make You Allergic to Meat and It’s Spreading – Dr. Scott Commins (Scientific American)

FAQ: COVID-19 booster shots for kids – Dr. Peyton Thompson (WRAL)

Hospitals in the Carolinas rank top 10 in staffing shortages – Cathy Madigan (WSOC-TV)

Want to Age Well? Do This as Soon as You Get Out of Bed Every Morning – Dr. Christine E. Kistler (

Should we be concerned about monkeypox in NC? A UNC medical expert weighs in –  Dr. Blossom Damania (News and Observer)

FDA Approves First Drug for Eosinophilic Esophagitis – Dr. Evan Dellon (Medscape)

Preeclampsia makes you more likely to have heart disease and diabetes later in life – Dr. Elizabeth Volz, Dr. Johanna Quist-Nelson (WRAL)

Monkeypox news – live: Virus cases up to 71 in UK as fifth US state detects disease – Dr. Blossom Damania (The Independent)

The Need to Educate Physicians About Myasthenia Gravis – Dr. James Howard Jr (CheckRare)

UNC scientists using machine learning in latest efforts against ‘long’ COVID – Dr. Emily R. Pfaff (WRAL Tech Wire)

‘It’s not COVID’: Triangle infectious disease experts say Monkeypox will likely turn up in NC, but shouldn’t cause alarm – Dr. David Wohl (WNCN)

Monkeypox fears fueled by COVID pandemic, psychiatrist says – Dr. David Wohl (WJZY-TV)

Smallpox vaccines can protect against monkeypox, and U.S. has 100 million doses – Dr. Blossom Damania (NBC News)

A Monkeypox Vaccine Was Approved By The FDA In 2019. Here’s What To Know About It As The Virus Spreads. – Dr. David Weber (BuzzFeed)

Study shows QoL sustained with mitomycin gel in low-grade NMIBC – Dr. Angela Smith (Urology Times)

Long COVID is a growing problem. More should be done to treat it. – Dr. David Wohl (News and Observer)

Many moms can’t just breastfeed during the formula shortage. Here’s why – Dr. Alison Stuebe (WRAL)

UNC research scientists: We need to be vigilant, but realistic, about monkeypox. – Dr. Dirk Dittmer and Dr. Blossom Damania (News and Observer)

What is Monkeypox & should you worry? Q&A with Dr. David Wohl – Dr. David Wohl (WTVD)

Child’s autopsy from 2008 becomes a clue to mystifying polio-like illness – Dr. Matthew Vogt (STAT News)

Dr. Amir Barzin answers call to service – Dr. Amir Barzin (From The Well)

Visual System Brain Development Implicated in Infants who Develop Autism – Dr. Jessica Girault (Spoke)

Changes in brain’s visual areas in infancy may precede autism diagnosis – Dr. Jessica Girault (EurekAlert!)

What happened to NC’s running count of breakthrough COVID cases? – Dr. Erica Pettigrew (CBS17)