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The below clickable headlines link directly to outside media outlets, which featured UNC School of Medicine faculty starting Friday March 29, 2024.

New Data: Long COVID Cases Surge – Dr. John Baratta (Medscape)

More Than ‘Just a Pinch’? Patients Film Their Expressions Getting IUDs – Dr. Bianca Allison (Medpage Today)

UNC Health inks long-term deal with UnitedHealthcare. What it means for patients – Dr. Matt Ewend (The News & Observer)

UNC Health, UnitedHealthcare reach new agreement avoiding ‘out of network’ situation for members – Dr. Matt Ewend (WTVD)

UNC Health signs long-term contract with UnitedHealthcare, keeping patients in network Dr. Matt Ewend (WRAL)

UNC Health announces long-term agreement with UnitedHealthcare – Dr. Matt Ewend (CBS17)

UNC Health and UnitedHealth reach agreementDr. Matt Ewend (Business North Carolina)

North Carolina ends weight loss drug coverage for state employees Monday – Dr. Andrea Coviello (Queen City News)

Rooted: Joe Tucker – Dr. Joseph D. Tucker (UNC Research)

Eyes Wide Open: Breakthrough Blink Restoration – Dr. Daniel Rubenstein (WALB-TV)

9% of people say they ‘never’ take sick days, Yahoo News/YouGov poll finds. Why experts say that’s a mistake. – Dr. Sachin Gupta (Yahoo News)

Prison reentry services. More crisis care beds. Better pay for health care workers. Where $835 million in new mental health money is being spent. – Dr. Evan Ashkin (North Carolina Health News)

The Silent Dance Between Brain, Heart, and Lungs Revealed – Dr. Vibhor Krishna (Sky News)

The Silent Dance Between Brain, Heart, and Lungs Revealed – Dr. Vibhor Krishna (SciTechDaily)

What is serotonin—and can you really boost it? – Dr. Bryan Roth (National Geographic)

Exercises for Osteoarthritis – Dr. Richard F. Loeser (US News & World Report)

Researchers demonstrate how vital conditions enable perinatal well-being – Dr. Alison Stuebe (Medical Xpress)

What to expect at your first prenatal visit – Dr. Kimberly Malloy (WRAL-TV)