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Diving Deeper into Oncology Emergencies: Neutropenic Fever, Tumor Lysis Syndrome, and Anthracycline induced Heart Failure – Advanced Practice Provider (UNC Lineberger Cancer Network)

Advanced Practice Provider NCPD/CNE Live Webinar May 17 4:00–5:00 PM "4:00–5:00 PM" Laura Blanchard, MPAP, PA-C Taking a deeper dive into the most common oncologic emergencies facing oncology patients. We will discuss the clinical manifestations, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of Neutropenic Fever, Tumor Lysis Syndrome, and Anthracycline InducedHeart Failure. These topics are a good refreshers for … Read more

MHI Seminar Series presents Yibing Qyang, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Cardiovascular Medicine & Pathology; Section of Cardiovascular Medicine, Yale University, New Haven, CT

Summary of Seminar:  Familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) is the most common inherited cardiac disease and is typically caused by mutations in genes encoding sarcomeric proteins that regulate cardiac contractility. How dysregulated sarcomeric force production is sensed and leads to pathological remodeling remains poorly understood in HCM. Dr. Qyang’s Lab derived cardiomyocytes from patient-specific induced pluripotent … Read more