Match Day!

That special time when UNC School of Medicine fourth-year students find out where they will do their residencies ...

This year's Match Day Celebration at UNC’s Medical Biomolecular Research Building (MBRB) saw 163 fourth-year medical students (99 percent of the class) find out where they'll be spending the next few years of their medical training as residents.

The students have been matched into residencies that cover 22 specialties; 49 percent of the students will take residencies in primary care specialties; 33 percent will do their training in North Carolina; 33 total students will do their residencies at UNC Hospitals; the remaining students will represent North Carolina and UNC in 29 different states across the country.

Match Day 2014

#UNCMatch Photo booth

Photo collage of UNC medical students on Match Day after discovering where they will complete their residency.

Where in the world are our med students?

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