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Please review the information below regarding our Charity Care Programs.

Charity Care Program background information
As health care costs have grown, so has our responsibility to offer care to patients who need it. From July 1, 2010 – June 30, 2011, the UNC Health Care System provided more than $325 million total uncompensated care to our patients, including more than $117 million of charity care.

Through our Charity Care Program, we aim to maximize the availability of high-quality health care services to the people of North Carolina in a consistent, equitable and effective manner. The Charity Care Program applies to all hospitals in the UNC Health Care System, including Rex Healthcare and Chatham Hospital.

Charity Care Program provisions

  • Uninsured patients have a 35 percent discount for physician and hospital charges;
  • No-interest payment plans are available for physician and hospital charges;
  • Patients with incomes below 250 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines are responsible for a copay only;

In addition to the provisions above, UNC Health Care also has a Catastrophic Care Program for patients who do not receive charity care and who have incurred significant hospital and physician charges. Under the Catastrophic Care Program, patients have their medical debt reduced to 20 percent of their annual income.

Charity Care Program requirements from the patient
We request that each patient make a good faith effort by:

  • Discussing his/her financial status with one of our financial counselors
  • Setting up a payment plan as appropriate
  • Seeking alternative methods of coverage
  • Completing an application for our financial assistance programs – Applicants are asked to provide prior year’s taxes (for proof of family size), pay stubs, and bank statements

For more specific information about the components of our Charity Care Program, please visit

Questions about Billing
If you encounter a patient/former patient with questions about his/her hospital bill, please refer them to 919-966-1234. For UNC P&A billing questions, please refer them to 919-966-2211.

Questions about our Charity Care Program
If patients have questions about our Charity Care Program, you can refer them to the following resources:

  • During a clinic visit
    Financial Counselors are available in each clinic.
  • By phone
    UNC Health Care Charity Care Policy helpline at 919-966-3425 or toll free at 866-704-5286.
  • Potential charges from someone who is not yet a patient
    If you encounter questions about potential charges for someone who is not yet a patient, Financial Counselors within the clinics can provide a cost estimate of planned services before a visit and help the patient enroll in our Charity Care Program (if applicable).