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On Friday, Jan. 12, all employees at UNC Medical Center and the UNC School of Medicine will receive an email invitation from with the subject link “Contact Group Enrollment Invitation” inviting them to enroll in the SmartNotice emergency alert system if they have not signed up for the program already.

On Friday, Jan. 12, all employees at UNC Medical Center and the UNC School of Medicine will receive an email invitation to enroll in the SmartNotice emergency alert system if they have not signed up for the program already.

Once you complete your profile, SmartNotice allows us to send emergency alerts to you by text message and/or voice calls. SmartNotice is similar to the systems used by many school districts to notify parents of inclement weather or other emergencies (such as the Alert Carolina system at UNC-Chapel Hill).

How can I complete my profile and what information can I provide?

  • You will receive an email on Jan. 12, from asking you to enroll with SmartNotice
  • This email will be specific to you and your SmartNotice account. Please do not share/forward the email you receive from SmartNotice.
  • Please save the email from SmartNotice – you can use it at any time in the future to edit your information as needed.Each employee’s work email address ( is included in the Smart Notice system by default.
  • By clicking a link in the email, you have the option to further customize how we can reach you in an emergency by adding your telephone numbers (work, cell, and/or home), personal email address (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.), and physical address (work and/or home address). Physical addresses will be used to generate location-based alerts for severe thunderstorms, tornados, or flash floods.
  • We encourage everyone to watch for the email from SmartNotice and enter in your contact information so that we can reach you in an emergency. Thank you for helping to ensure we can communicate quickly during emergencies to ensure the safety of our staff, patients and guests.

SmartNotice Emergency Notification System Frequently asked Questions

This is not a “Code” alert system for the Hospital. This system is designed to notify you of emergency information relevant to your personal safety.

Do I have to sign up for this service as part of my employment?
Your UNC Health Care email automatically enrolls you in SmartNotice. By adding your office and personal cell phone numbers, along with your personal email and home address, you’ll be assured of receiving critical information sent from the Hospital for our business continuity, but more importantly, for your personal safety and that of your family.

Is my personal information safe?
YES! Your personal information in SmartNotice is NEVER shared. It can never be accessed by anyone other than your organization’s system administrator.

How do I update my information?
PLEASE be sure to save your SmartNotice invitation email! This link will allow you to modify your information in the future.

Will I be charged for this service?
UNC Health Care is paying for your subscription.

What kind of alerts will this be used for?
SmartNotice will be used to notify you of events such as tornado warnings, severe weather plan implementations, active shooter and security situations, or during any other event where critical information needs to be broadcasted to you immediately.

Why should I put my home address in SmartNotice?
SmartNotice includes a severe weather alert service that will send alerts based on the address you provide. This is a free service that may save you or your family in a severe weather event. Be sure to add your home address to take advantage of this service!

How do I end the service?
Your account will be closed upon separation of employment from the UNC Health Care.

How is SmartNotice different from Alert Carolina?
SmartNotice will be used by UNC Health Care (and UNC Medical Center) to distribute emergency alerts specific to our hospitals and clinics, while the University will continue to use the Alert Carolina system to distribute emergency alerts to faculty, staff, students and UNC Health Care staff who have signed-up for Alert Carolina.

I am a faculty member at the UNC School of Medicine – will I receive an invite to SmartNotice?
Yes. All clinical faculty members will receive an email from at the primary email address you selected in late 2016 – either your ‘’ address or your ‘’ address. See a preview image of the email you’ll receive at top right.

I didn’t receive an invitation to SmartNotice. What should I do?

Please contact the ISD Service Desk at 984-974-4357.