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On April 1, UNC Medical Center will implement a new Professional Business Attire policy. The policy is designed to create standards for professional appearance in order to foster a positive working environment, promote workplace safety, and inspire confidence in quality care service delivery. This policy applies to all personnel performing services for/at UNC Medical Center, including volunteers, research personnel, students, staff, and providers at all levels.

Some of the policy’s changes include:

  • T-Shirts: Approved t-shirts may now only be worn under scrubs or a collared shirt
  • ID Badges/Lanyards: Badges should be worn at chest level or above with employee’s name and picture visible. Lanyards are permitted only if they are breakaway.
  • Leggings: Leggings may only be worn with a dress or skirt that is knee length or longer.
  • Tattoos: Tattoos may be visible unless they depict profanity, logos, slogans, violence, nudity, sexual image/words, racial, ethnic or other characteristics or attributes of a sensitive or legally protected nature
  • Piercings: Small studs should be worn for all facial piercings and if there are multiple piercings in an ear. Ears that are gauged should have a flesh-toned plug.
  • Skirt Length: Skirts should be knee length or longer; skirts that are knee length may have a short 1”-2” slit.
  • High heels: Should be no higher than 3 inches.

Please review the new policy and note any changes that may impact your work area. Any questions about the new policy may be directed to the AskHR section of the myHR portal.