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Research Forum: Community Coalitioning for Access, Equity, and Health: 

Fostering Positive Inter-organizational Partnerships

This forum will explore lessons that could be applied in research or community development initiatives learned from 3 different community partnerships. These initiatives, situated in issues of housing, aging, and antiracism. highlight the importance of long-term community commitment, coordination in processes, and abundance- and partnership- based approaches to program development. Speaker: Ryan Lavalley, PhD, MOT, … Read more

Recruitment Series: Material Design Workshop

You’ve learned how to communicate your study effectively and create visually appealing recruitment materials––Now let’s put it all together. In this final session of the NC TraCS Fall Recruitment Series, our recruitment specialists will help you to redesign your materials to stand out! Prerequisite – The registration link for the workshop will be provided separately. Attendees … Read more

The 2021 CIDD “VIRTUAL” COMMUNITY TALK SERIES presents: “ABLE ACCOUNTS: A Key to Financial Stability for People with Intellectual, Developmental, or other Disabilities”

Presenters will discuss how ABLE accounts help to increase the financial well-being of persons with a disability.  They will review ABLE program implementation, a description of ABLE accounts and how they can be used.  The presentation and discussion will include examples of use by ABLE account owners, in addition to resources for individuals, service providers … Read more