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SHAC March Madness Fundraiser

Please join us for some friendly competition and enter to win a cash prize. To participate, you can follow the directions on the link and donate $10 towards the SHAC student ran, free clinic. The winner will receive 5-10% of the pool! The deadline to enter is March 14th.  

MHI Seminar Series presents Karen L. Mohlke, Ph.D. Professor and Associate Chair for Research, Department of Genetics, UNC-Chapel Hill

Title Of Talk: “Muscle Adaptations to Time-Restricted Feeding: Pumped Up on Ketones” About the Principal Investigator:  Dr. Muoio’s laboratory investigates mechanisms of metabolic regulation, with emphasis on molecular events that link lifestyle factors, such as nutrition and physical activity, to muscle performance and cardiometabolic health. Her program features a translational approach that combines work in animal … Read more

2023 CIDD “VIRTUAL” COMMUNITY TALK SERIES PRESENTS: Navigating Tailored Plans for Sibling Care Partners

Speaker:  Victoria Chibuogu Nneji, Ph.D. Sibling Care Partner and Founder of AKALAKA Join this conversation with AKALAKA about the role sibling care partners take in adulthood with I/DD, the services in North Carolina that may be available to maintain long-term care at home and in community, and the support and resources available to help adults … Read more