News from UNC Children's

Promise Grant Applications Now Open
The UNC Children’s Promise Grant Program is designed to advance programs, services, and other hospital-based initiatives that directly impact care and specific patient-related needs. Since 2002, the program has awarded more than $1 million in grants.
UNC joins launch of SPARK, nation’s largest autism research study
Groundbreaking initiative combines web-based registry with DNA analysis to accelerate autism research and speed discovery of personalized treatments.
Incorporating fun into care
For young patients facing a difficult time, a little bit of carefree fun goes a long way.
A Long-term Research Relationship
As a high school student, Caitlin Burk began working in the research lab of Wesley Burks, MD. Now, eight years later, she continues that work while balancing the demanding schedule of a third-year medical student.
Despite Efforts, Childhood Obesity Remains on the Rise
Dr. Eliana Perrin of UNC is one of the authors of the study, which found no evidence of a decline in childhood obesity in any age group.
Big crowd turns out for big trucks with a big benefit
Thousands of kids (some not so young!) came out on a beautiful day to truck a truck, honk a horn, and raise money for UNC Children's.
Mobile Care Suite helps families deal with difficult time
A team at UNC Children's wanted to provide extra comforts for a family during difficult end of life care. They designed and built a tool that gives families a place to be together.
UNC Children’s Airway Center recognized for high-quality care delivery
The Airway Center is the first specialty practice at the hospital to receive this designation, which honors exceptional care and dedication to patient needs.
Love bubbles up through campaign for hospital school
Judy's Bubbles honors a mother's life-long devotion to children and learning by seeking to raise funds to provide learning experiences for hospital patients.
Novel iPhone Study to Investigate Genetic Risks of Postpartum Depression
Genetics ResearchKit study invites women to provide DNA samples to help researchers analyze genomic signature of postpartum depression.