Chandler, a breath of life

When we shared Chandler's story in 2010, she had just found her voice through specialists at the UNC Children's Airway Center. We get a glimpse of Chandler's life today in this special update.

Chandler is an active, happy second grader. (Click to enlarge.)


Chandler is doing fantastic! She's growing, learning, and traveling. Chandler is currently in the second grade. With dance, piano, playing with friends and spending time with her family, her schedule remains quite full! It's now been four years since her decanulation, and she still has weekly visits with her nurses that cared for her during her time with the trach. They are family!

Chandler occasionally is asked about the "mark” on her neck. We've discussed that that mark is a blessing; without it, she wouldn't be here. It is a constant reminder that she is special. When asked about her scar, Chandler answers, "I had to have a straw in my neck in order to breath." After that, life goes on. And it has for all of us. Those few years with her trach were daunting but taught us to value every minute of every day. We are forever grateful to UNC for our miracle and all the blessings she bestows on us each day!


Shelly Bordeaux
Chandler's Mom

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