N.C. Children’s Promise becomes the Office of External Affairs

After a decade of making a difference in the lives of critically ill patients and their families, the N.C. Children’s Promise adopts a name more reflective of its mission and functions.

Since its inception, N.C. Children’s Hospital’s fundraising and communications team has operated as the N.C. Children’s Promise, a moniker adopted from the annual radiothon that served as the group’s impetus in 2005. In keeping with Children’s 2014 rebranding, hospital leadership recently approved a proposal from executive director, Leslie H. Nelson, to rename the Children’s Promise to the UNC Children’s Office of External Affairs.

“After careful consideration, benchmarking and approvals, we have decided to migrate away from N.C. Children’s Promise name,” says Nelson of the change. “Our sincere hope is that the new name will be a better reflection of the fundraising and communication support we provide UNC Children’s, particularly as we ramp up for the University’s capital campaign.”

Although new in name, staff in the Office of External Affairs will continue to serve the same functions, raising financial and community support to enhance care at N.C. Children’s Hospital and addressing UNC Children’s comprehensive communications needs. As a hallmark to the legacy the Promise name connotes, the hospital’s important grant funding programs, Promise Grants and Promise Research Grants, will keep their names.

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